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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Notice any thing new?

You should, and no, it isn't my attempt to make a buck off of my fellow classmates. I had an idea this morning, and I need your input on it.

For those of you familiar with google AdSense, this is old news, but for those of you who think you don't know what it is, read on. Google will let you place sponsored ads on pages, and then pay you according to number of views, clicks, blah, blah. Here's my thought; I assume that money will be needed for the 10 Year. I will track and donate any and all revenue generated by this page to the reunion fund. Why not let google pay for a bit of our party? They are certainly willing.

If you see something that interests you, click on it. More revenue is generated that way. Also, you'll notice the google search is at the top of the page now. Revenue is also generated when you search from this page, so if you're going to google something, why not do it from here? Again, it will help with reunion funding.

Lastly, it does take a while to accumulate money this way, but with over a year to go I think we can raise a chunk. Then again, maybe I'm crazy, I guess we'll see. But my final thought was this; this page averages around 10 hits a day, weak I know, but I'm going to try to bring on some entertaining things to encourage higher traffic. If you are willing, and I promise, I won't be offended if you are not, I can email you some HTML to post on your own blog or page. There are 64 links to blogs and websites on this page if I counted right, if each blog had one ad on it, and averaged one view a day, that would generate 6 times as much revenue as this blog alone. Like I said if you're not in, no big deal. If you are in, email me:
I'll send you some HTML and walk you through the posting process.

Really the end now. Here's the reason to let all of the ads be run through one account; Google does not pay anything out until you generate $15 in revenue I think, so if 60 of us each generated $14.99 by the time the reunion came around, we get nothing, but if it all goes on one account, we get $900 or so.

So give your input; good idea? or pipe dream?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

By the way

This site has had 2,456 visits since i installed the counter. I know, the forum probably has like infinity by now, but i just thought you would like to know. Oh, and by the way again, who is checking this page at midnight? I know you're out there. I'll be the buzz-killing responsible adult in the room, Go to bed! If your life is crazy like most peoples you should have been asleep an hour and a half ago. Although I must admit, midnight is not nearly as perplexing as the 2am and 4 am visitors. Who knows? probably crawlers.

You spoke, I obey.

The blog will continue, with some updating. No promises this time, they just make me feel retarded when i don't get them done. Please enjoy whatever randomness may manifest itself here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

A poll

Check the right side of your screen, your input is needed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Forum part II

Nancy already mentioned this, but I'll re-iterate. Use the forum! I have to much of a habit of slacking off to keep up with this blog in the way it deserves. Also, the forum is more of what i hoped this would become anyways, I just lacked the technical knowledge to make it happen. It is much more user friendly, and gives every voice a chance to be heard, not just the authors. Kudos to Tyler Steiner, he spearheaded the forum, and it is great. I, myself will be posting primarily on the forum, but will continue to update blog addresses and such here. If you have any questions, send them to me here, or to Tyler on the forum.

see you there!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Forum

Howdy folks,
Now I realize that most people that have seen this blog are just plain bloggers. But today is the day you can branch out!! Look to the right of this post.....see something? It says "LOOK AT ME!!" Click on the link, no wait! Not yet, I'll let you know a little what you are getting into. It is like a blog, but more interactive and with more sub-headings! Forum literally is "a place, meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged." Be forewarned that a forum is NOT like a blog in that it is not created for others just to look at, but to be participated in. Pick a topic you would like to get some other ideas on or an idea already out there and TALK(I mean that electronically of course)!

Friday, August 29, 2008

mr. hemming

Our former principal, Lane Hemming, was recently involved in an accident in Alaska.

While walking, he fell and landed on his face, fracturing his jaw, nose and socket of one eye. He is now blind in one eye, and surgeons can't operate because there is too much broken bone in his head. Any operation would jeopardize the sight he has left in his "good" eye.

I will post updates as I hear them.

Please remember Mr. Hemming and his family in your prayers.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where are they Wednesday (on thursday)

Our illustrious student body president on his wedding day.

This is a hoot. I'm getting "highlighted." How fancy.

Since school I have served a mission to Tucson, Arizona. I got back in 2002 and went to BYU-I to major in communications with clusters in political science and philosophy. I was on the college's debate team where I met my wife (how romantic). We got married in the Idaho Falls Temple in 2005. I worked doing door-to-door sales for four summers all over the country with Pinnacle Security. I am now in my third year of law school at the University of Illinois and will be accepting an offer to work as an attorney at an international law firm (Latham & Watkins) in their Chicago office doing corporate litigation and white-collar crime work.

Stephanie (my wife) and I have a 10-month old daughter named Ellis who is far more beautiful than any other baby out there. She said her first word the other day: dada, while pointing at me. I feel pretty cool. Right now I am sitting on the couch with my wife watching the May-Treanor gold medal volleyball game (we are huge olympics fans).
Anyone who wants to keep up with us can check out our blog at
Elijah Watkins

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teacher Tuesday on Wednesday

Thanks to Mr. Wakefield for his response. We appreciate all you taught us!

1-In the eight years since our class graduated, what has been the biggest changes you have noticed, both in the students and in the educational system?

1--changes in students -- more students know what they want to do after high school and work toward that. On the other hand, a lot are just cruising through--just going through the motions. As a general rule, the students are wonderful people who like being here and enjoy the school experience. Changes in education revolve around increased testing with end of course assessments, final exams, and state testing. The state testing takes a lot of time from my class time, which I find frustrating.

2- What class are you most excited to teach this year and why?

2--I always enjoy all my classes, but new ones are English 110 a concurrent enrollment class in connection with ISU. Students get both high school and college credit for taking the class. My AP students did very well on the test this past year, and I am now teaching a Lord of the Rings class. We read the three main books. It is a lot of fun to teach.

3- What has surprised you most about yourself in the last eight years?

3--I am not coaching football any more. That has been a big change. I still can't sit in the stands, and so I find myself standing on the sidelines, watching the game.

4- What is your plan for the next five years? (retirement, continue teaching, etc.)

4--My rule of 90, when I can retire with out penalty, is in two years. I have been looking carefully at that date. However, now that the new high school bond passed, I plan to teach at least five more years, giving me three years in the new high school.

5- What excites you most about the new high school?

5--New every thing of course, but mostly I am excited about the new, roomy, wonderful fine arts center. They deserve that facility. I look forward to them there. A planned out building, with modern features and layout will be very nice.

6- Are there any of us who still owe you past due assignments?

6--anyone who took my classes owes me money for the high grades you got. No, NOT really! Thanks for the chance to make connections with you all. I hope all are well and in good circumstances. Best of luck with new kids, jobs and locations.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Coming soon (as soon as he responds to my email)

Loved by many. I'm sure a lot of us will be excited to hear from him.

This blog is alive!!!

I know I sound a bit ridiculous, but I have gotten to the point now where I can begin posting fairly regularly again, so if you haven't given up on this blog, thanks! If you have, well I guess you're not reading this right now.

Things to come soon:

Teacher Tuesday- A quick glimpse into the lives of our favorite educators and what they've been doing since their favorite students left eight years ago.

Where are they Wednesday- This will start by tracking down our student body officers and then into the general student body.

Flashback Friday- Ever wish your friends didn't have a camera at the most inopportune time? Or, just reflecting back on the good 'ole days. Either way, this should bring a smile to most of our faces.

Your part- I'm planning on contacting a couple teachers to start, but tell me who you want to hear from. For flashback friday, we'll need pics and stories that we don't have in the yearbook, send me your ideas.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

brand'n neibaur

I did a little digging on the Internet.

We miss you, Brand'n!

for mindi

I thought I would re-post this message about Brandi Hill Delgado. I originally sent this to a bunch of Bobcats when it happened in December 2007. Since this blog is a great way to reach most (and hopefully all!) of our class, I thought I'd post it again.

Also, if anyone has any information -- obituaries, stories, pictures -- of Brand'n Neibaur, it would be nice to post those for our classmates to read and remember. Brand'n, Brandi and Jordyn may be gone for now, but they are not forgotten.

~ Terrah Conrad Harper :)

From December 2007:

Brandi Hill and her daughter, Jordyn, were killed in a car accident on Thursday.

If you would like to send any thoughts to her family, I will be sending a card this week.

Brandi Marie Delgado, 26, died Dec. 19, 2007, in an automobile accident in Mexicali, Mexico.

She was born Nov. 25, 1981, in Rexburg to Kenneth Ray Hill and Sandra Lynn Dyer.
Brandi graduated from Madison High School in 2000. In 2005, she moved to Idaho Falls on and Sept. 30, 2006, she married Jaime Delgado in Idaho Falls.

She enjoyed dancing, cooking, traveling,
visiting with friends and spending time with her family. Her children were the joy of her life. She was her mother's best friend and had an infectious smile and great laugh.

She was employed at McDonald's restaurant from ages 16 to 23 and loved her job and customers.

Brandi is survived by her husband, Jaime Delgado; son, Jaime Julian Delgado of Mexico; her mother
and stepfather, Sandra and Martin Hochwart; father and stepmother, Kenneth and Shawna Hill; siblings, Jeremy (Judy) Hill, Brian Hill, Tyler Hill, Spencer Hochwart, Jamie Hochwart, Conon Hale, Derek Hill, Sariah Hill, Karen Hill, Amber Hale and Athena (Kevin) Zufelt all of Rexburg; grandmother; Pauline (Pete) Genther also of Rexburg.

She is preceded in death by grandfather, Don Robert Hill; grandmother, Diane
Dyer and grandfather, Loring Dyer.

Brandi had so many friends that loved her. They were always there for
her and she for them. Her family knows she and Jordyn are together and very happy. We will all miss Brandi as she brought joy to so many. And just like her daughter, our Heavenly Father needed her more than we did. We love you forever.

Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007 at the Rexburg North Stake Center (314 East Second North).

The family will receive friends Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the
Flamm Funeral Home in Rexburg and Thursday at the stake center from 10 to 10:45 a.m. prior to services.

Interment will be in the Rexburg Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be left for the family at the funeral home.

Published in the Rexburg Standard Journal on 12/26/2007

Jordyn Marie Hill, 7, died Dec. 19, 2007, in an automobile accident in Mexicali, Mexico.

She was born Aug. 25, 2000 in Rexburg to Brandi Marie Hill and Adam Harris. She lived
in Rexburg and attended Adams Elementary School. She has lived in Idaho Falls for the past two years.

Jordyn loved to play in the snow, have sleep overs with friends, play with Barbies and baby dolls
and to talk on the telephone. She was a good student and wonderful reader. She was reading the Bible and was determined to finish it.

She loved to play with her grandma's makeup and dress up in her
mother's clothes. She loved her baby brother and would help care for him.

She is survived by her parents, Adam Harris of Idaho Falls and stepfather, Jaime Delgado; brother,
Jamie Julian Delgado of Mexico; grandparents, Sandra and Martin Hochwart, Kenneth and Shawna Hill, all of Rexburg, and Robert and Sherry Harris of Boston; and great-grandmother Pauline (Pete) Genther of Rexburg.

She is preceded in death by her mother Brandi Delgado; great-grandfather, Don Robert Hill; great grandmother, Kiane Dyer; and great grandfather, Loring Dyer.

Jordyn was loved by so many. She will be missed by all who knew her. She has gone back to her
Heavenly Father because he needed her more than us. She will be our sweet angel forever. We are so happy she is with her mother, Brandi. They were always inseparable. We love you forever.

Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007 at the Rexburg North Stake Center (314 E. Second North).

The family will receive friends Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Flamm Funeral Home in Rexburg and Thursday at the stake center from 10 to 10:45 a.m. prior to services.

Interment will be in the Rexburg Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be left for the family at the funeral home.

Published in the Rexburg Standard Journal on 12/26/2007.

Monday, July 7, 2008


This past holiday weekend I sat around lazily in my air conditioning with my husband and his family. Somehow the subject turned to the awkwardness of our past, particularly high school. Each pulled out the skeletons and told the 'true story' of life in high school growing up varous places. The closing statement from each was similarly "I am glad I don't have to go back." Most disagreeably, I said "I would go back, I loved high school!"
Understanding, I do not believe that everyone had the "High School Musical" experience at good ole MHS, but I believe there is something nostalgic about that school that we can all call up in the times of reminiscience. Most of us could remember where our locker was, what our favorite cafeteria food was, and how many times we sat in the commons soaking up the luxorious sun of the commons. If you can't remember, check out the prolific photo albums you have of all the most important people of your life of the past.
Probably most of our memories will not be about the amazing scientifc discoveries or life changing mathematical formulas we learned, but the quirks and kicks of everyday high school drama. What's your most vivid (hopefully happy) MHS memory?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

on the lookout!

We've done a great job in spreading the word about our class blog, and it's turning out to be pretty awesome.

There are still a few classmates who haven't heard about the blog, and I've tried to contact them.

Does anyone have any contact information for the following people?

- Suzanne Ward Christensen

- Nathan Jensen

- Brad Allen

- Scot Dye

- John Hart

- Dave Johnson

If you've been in / are in contact with Suzanne, Nathan, Brad, Scot, John or Dave, please invite them to participate in our class blog!

Friday, July 4, 2008

oh, the places we've been

Hi, all. Terrah Conrad Harper, here.

Over the years I've collected newspaper clippings of missionaries, engagements and new babies from our classmates. I'm sentimental that way, and it's fun to look back. I also thought it would be fun to post pictures of what I've got ... which is a lot!

I know there are many I have missed, so feel free to leave comments about any other pictures, announcements, etc., you'd like posted.

I'll be posting pictures soon!

remember when?

This is the logo from our class sweatshirt.
I think we all live up to the motto!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well kids, here's the deal.

Between work becoming crazy and some family stuff that is going on right now, I can not post as often as I would like. I have invited three authors and would be willing to invite more so this page can become what I hope it can be. Currently, it appears that the format may be changed in the near future. That is by your votes, so if you want it to stay the same, you need to vote for it. Sorry for the lame update, but I just wanted to give you the heads-up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Snapshot.......

Here's the quick info on our class so far as people have responded. Also, please don't be offended if I don't mention your spouse's occupation, this info is from what I could glean for alumni only.

Total number of kids of 2000 alumni ( assuming that Natasha, Nancy and Katrina have delivered their new babies) 57

Places where class members currently live: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, El Salvador, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Washington, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Fields of study or work: accounting, architecture, building, computers, dental, engineering, government job, health care, insurance, interior design, lawyer, management, movies, optometry, physical training, sales, stay at home parent, teaching, therapy.

If I missed you, my apologies. E-mail me and I'll correct the post.

Friday, June 6, 2008


So this blog is new and a bit of a novelty. I'd like to keep it interesting for everybody. After the initial set-up I probably won't be posting everyday. I'd like to post things that pertain to Rexburg, the schools, alumni, all that kind of stuff. Shoot me some ideas for what you'd be interested in reading about. I was contemplating contacting teachers or administrators and doing one interview a week. I also thought we could highlight our more well-known bobcats. I'm not entirely sure what to write on, so send your feedback. Also, I echo my invite from yesterday, if you have any interest in being an author on this page, just let me know.

Out with the old and in with the new!!!

It was a close call, but yesterday and last night the residents of Madison county voted to approve 19 million dollars of funding for Madison School District building projects. The vote required a 2/3 or 66% majority to pass, it received 68%.

For those of you who haven't heard the plans I'll give you a short run down. The current high school will be updated and will become the jr. high. A massive new facility will be built for the high school. It will be two stories in some places and will include a huge performing arts center as well as a seperate building for the vo-tech programs. New elementary schools are also being built in Lyman and Burton.

The plan for the current jr. high is to sell it for around 5 Million bucks. So, if any of you have gotten filthy rich in the past eight years and can think of what to do with a crappy old building with asbestos and sewer problems, bring your money home.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Linking up.

Send your web addresses, your blog addresses or even just cool websites. As long as they are appropriate I will include them on the blog.

Calling anyone who cares!

So life has flown by just a little quickly! We're all older, wiser and fatter (wait a minute, that's just me.) Some of us are happily married, while others remain happily single. Some of us might be rich, most of us are probably not.

What ever your situation, write in. This could be a good opportunity to catch up with everybody. This should be open format so anyone can comment, and if your so inclined send me an email and I'll add you as an author if you promise to be good.

P.S. Don't tell the school that I stole the picture from their site.