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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Need more money??

Why not hit up your old high school buddies like you did for cafeteria fare? Seriously, the more money we can channel to each other, the better. We have already got an AMAZING caterer for the adult only dinner, our own Bart Munns is giving us a 'smokin' dinner. If anyone else wants to get in on the action (rumor has it Lance Wickam makes ice cream, how fun would that be for the family day...)!
Also, any entertainers out there?
Any DJs?
Any photographers?

If you have a personal buisness, we are thinking of having a networking table set up at the adult dinner for you to put a little display, or maybe just your cards. If you want a bit more action/exposure than that, just let me know and we will do all we can to help each other in this crazy world.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Contact info for the Reunion please

Hello classmates - we have some amazing volunteers that are making sure that we contact everyone with the info for the upcoming reunion. Of the 350 in our class we are only missing contact (email, facebook) info from around 100 of ya'll! That's pretty impressive.
If you, are anyone else, could please get us your email then we can send the updates. Here are the names we are missing. You can fill in the blanks on a spread sheet that is in the "Future Reunion - Advertising" portion of the forum. Or hit this link
Albertson, Brandy
Allen, Brad
Ashton, Seth
Astorga, Marco
Bagley, Grant
Barnes, Ben
Beard, Matt
Bednar, Jeff
Black, Jay
Bland, Heidi
Bowler, Adam
Brown, Natalie
Bryan, Jon
Butikofer, Josh
Call, Kevin
Clark, Russell
Clements, Andrea
Clements, Kimberly
Clements, Tyler
Cook, Todd
Crouch, Jim
Egbert, Emily
Ellis, Mike
Erickson, Trishelle
Frandsen, Jana
Frandsen, Michael
Garner, Travis
Gee, Bryce
Glass, Christian
Guerrero, Imelda
Hart, John
Hawkins, Peter
Hazard, Logan
Hegstead, Dustin
Hernandez, Lorena
Herra, Sandy
Hill, Clark
Hill, Matt
Hillman, Tyelr
Hogg, Jennifer
Holman, Karlie
Holt, Dorothy
Ivie, Jon
Jennings, Kaycie
Jensen, Nathan
Johnson, David
Jones, Darrell
Kortright, Jeff
Lausch, Vanessa
Lawrence, Jon
Leak, Spencer
Lemus, Angelica
McKenna, Micah
Mortensen, Melanie
Munns, Cody
Munns, James
Murdock, Maureen
Nelson, Jeannette
Nelson, Phillip
Pace, Kalyn
Page, Maria
Palmer, Lexie
Palmer, Melissa
Papworth, Beau
Parkinson, Dana
Passey, Becca
Peterson, Emily
Peterson, Tyler
Phillips, Jon
Preston, Mike
Ricks, Bart
Ricks, Corey
Ricks, Dawna
Ricks, Glade
Ricks, Jenna
Ricks, Mignon
Ridge, Melissa
Riley, Danny
Rose, Robert
Sarmoento, Petra
Satterfield, Melissa
Saurey, Levi
Saurey, Shanna
Shuldberg, Jeff
Silva, Marco
Smith Kristan
Smith, Heidi
Smith, Josh
Smith, Ryan
Sorensen, Michael
Southam, Megan
Squires, Brandon
Steiner, Mark
Summers, Ashlee
Sundberg, Jon
Taylor, Katie
Taylor, Mark
Tighe, Ryan
Waldron, Mark
Walker, Cameron
Walters, Eric
Webster, Tyler
Weeks, Ryan
Wickham, Lance
Wilcox, Nicole (Kerbs)
Wilding, Michael
Wilson, Ariana
Wilson, Richard
Wodskow, Camille
Wood, Kirsten (Eubanks)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally, something confirmed!

Wahoo! After much phone tag, we have a location reserved in Rexburg for the Adult Only Dinner on Friday July 2nd.

Put it on your calendar 6-9pm at the Legacy Flight Museum

There will be a RSVP and pre-pay for the dinner mandated (hey, I can't front dinner for everyone) and I will give you more info on that as soon as I have it. Cut off date will be Friday June 18th for reservations and don't count on any discounts at the door (if you get in at all).

If you want to help out with any of the other finer details of this dinner log into the forum, got to 'future reunion plannin' then 'dinner' so we can work together most efficiently.

PS If any of you former class mates are in the food industry - we would love to funnel our buisness for the actual meal to YOU. Please, please respond promptly.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Repeat the Reminder - 10 year reunion

As posted in January, the 10 year reunion is still planned for
Friday July 2nd in Rexburg ID

Though the location is yet to be revealed, the schedule is as follows:
Friday afternoon - Family fun gathering and play from 11-4pm
Friday evening - Adult only dinner 6pm-..... this will be a catered dinner (not dominos) so there will be a fee and advanced reservation required.

As part of the evening entertainment we are updating the old senior slide show and request your sumbission of photos of you and your high school friends together since high school. Photos can be submitted on the forum, under 'future reunion planning - slide show.'

Also, if you have previously volunteered you must now sign into the forum for the planning together - sending individual emails has failed. Nancy will be making assignments on committees by the end of April.

Hope to see everyone possible!!!