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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teacher Tuesday on Wednesday

Thanks to Mr. Wakefield for his response. We appreciate all you taught us!

1-In the eight years since our class graduated, what has been the biggest changes you have noticed, both in the students and in the educational system?

1--changes in students -- more students know what they want to do after high school and work toward that. On the other hand, a lot are just cruising through--just going through the motions. As a general rule, the students are wonderful people who like being here and enjoy the school experience. Changes in education revolve around increased testing with end of course assessments, final exams, and state testing. The state testing takes a lot of time from my class time, which I find frustrating.

2- What class are you most excited to teach this year and why?

2--I always enjoy all my classes, but new ones are English 110 a concurrent enrollment class in connection with ISU. Students get both high school and college credit for taking the class. My AP students did very well on the test this past year, and I am now teaching a Lord of the Rings class. We read the three main books. It is a lot of fun to teach.

3- What has surprised you most about yourself in the last eight years?

3--I am not coaching football any more. That has been a big change. I still can't sit in the stands, and so I find myself standing on the sidelines, watching the game.

4- What is your plan for the next five years? (retirement, continue teaching, etc.)

4--My rule of 90, when I can retire with out penalty, is in two years. I have been looking carefully at that date. However, now that the new high school bond passed, I plan to teach at least five more years, giving me three years in the new high school.

5- What excites you most about the new high school?

5--New every thing of course, but mostly I am excited about the new, roomy, wonderful fine arts center. They deserve that facility. I look forward to them there. A planned out building, with modern features and layout will be very nice.

6- Are there any of us who still owe you past due assignments?

6--anyone who took my classes owes me money for the high grades you got. No, NOT really! Thanks for the chance to make connections with you all. I hope all are well and in good circumstances. Best of luck with new kids, jobs and locations.


Tyler-n-Terrah Harper said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting that, Dan!

Mr. Wakefield was one of my favorite teachers. He's a great man.

JillEE said...

Thanks for all the cool new updates Dan. This is really fun to read and catch up on.

Darci said...

Mr. Wakefield was one of the reasons I became a teacher. What a great guy!

Dall & Nat said...

Mr. Wakefield was the reason I enjoyed English. He always made it interesting instead of boring.

Nancy said...

Thanks to Mr. Wakefield I successfully taught workshops on how to write a thesis paper AND wrote at least 50% of my major papers (English of course) the night before, all that practice on ICE.
SO who is coaching football? I heard that Gumke is not coaching cross country anymore either. Who is left to torture these students?