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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where are they Wednesday (on thursday)

Our illustrious student body president on his wedding day.

This is a hoot. I'm getting "highlighted." How fancy.

Since school I have served a mission to Tucson, Arizona. I got back in 2002 and went to BYU-I to major in communications with clusters in political science and philosophy. I was on the college's debate team where I met my wife (how romantic). We got married in the Idaho Falls Temple in 2005. I worked doing door-to-door sales for four summers all over the country with Pinnacle Security. I am now in my third year of law school at the University of Illinois and will be accepting an offer to work as an attorney at an international law firm (Latham & Watkins) in their Chicago office doing corporate litigation and white-collar crime work.

Stephanie (my wife) and I have a 10-month old daughter named Ellis who is far more beautiful than any other baby out there. She said her first word the other day: dada, while pointing at me. I feel pretty cool. Right now I am sitting on the couch with my wife watching the May-Treanor gold medal volleyball game (we are huge olympics fans).
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Elijah Watkins

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Nancy said...

Good for you Eli! How uncanny that you are working for a firm with your own last name in it...can we see partnership in the future? Congrats on your beautiful family as well, what a gem of a daughter you do have. I love the name Ellis (it is my grandfather's name also).