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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still on schedule

Borrowed this picture from the district website.

I drive by the new highschool twice each day. I really don't even notice it anymore. It does look good though, and should serve as a good home to future Bobcats.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

well represented

I was on the Madison School District site a couple weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised that the majority of the site's pictures were of members of our graduating class.

Check out the pictures below. I thought they were kind of fun!

Bart Ricks & Hyrum Denney

Kacie Holman Cartwright or Karlie Holman Dean - I can't tell from this angle!

Jamie Virgin, Megan Mendenhall Porter & Andrea Ferney Harker (in the background)

Heidi Calderwood Mortensen

Jessica Wilson & Chantrie Burton Anderson

Becky Packer Jones & Ben Muench (in the background)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Planning for a New Year!

Happy New Year class of 2000!

Did anyone else just notice that with the passing of 2009 we all got dated- it has now been a decade since we graduated from high school. A DECADE! That sounds like forever.

Now that you have realized how much time has passed since you hung-out with all your old high school buddies, mark you calendars for the 10 year reunion:

Friday July 2nd in Rexburg ID

We were trying to get back in to the old MHS stomping grounds, but alas, our old high school is being outdated already!! At least it is on schedule to be re-vamped as the new junior high since the new high school is supposed to be ready for students fall of 2010. Yikes!

Though the location is yet to be revealed, the schedule is as follows:
Friday afternoon - Family fun gathering and play from 11-4pm
Friday evening - Adult only dinner 6pm-..... this will be a catered dinner (not dominos) so there will be a fee and advanced reservation required. As part of the evening entertainment we are updating the old senior slide show and request your sumbission of photos of you and your high school friends together since high school. You can email your photos to: or post them on the forum.

Happy New Year!! See you in a few months!