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Friday, February 6, 2009

Katrina Ormson update

General Update on my oh so exciting life:

After high school I went straight to Ricks College, studied in Mexico, and graduated BYU-I in Dec 01 with my associates in Gen Business. I then transferred to BYU (the Provo one). I took a study abroad to Italy and studied art there--which was way awesome! I graduated with my BA in Marketing and Advertising Communications with a minor in Business in 2004. In August '04 I married Jon Ormson after 2 months of dating, 2 months of engagement, and 4 years of friendship. We lived in Provo until he got his associates, and then we moved to Lubbock, Tx so he could attend Texas Tech University (go Raiders!) Our first kiddo-Sevryn Kelly- was born March '06 and thankfully I quit working for an optomotrist to be a stay-at-homer. Jon just graduated from Tech in May 2008 and we moved to Houston for dental school. We are in our 2nd semester and have already gone through hurricane Ike. Our second kiddo-Kristian Teik-was born this June and I officially have my hands full. I spend my days wrangling up the kiddos, and I also work at LA Fitness teaching Spin(biking), Bodyworks (lifting), and Water Aerobics. My job keeps me sane, and my kids keep me happy/busy/frustrated/crazy.

We will be here in Houston for the next 4 years at least--anyone ever in town is more than welcome to stay with us! So far we like it (minus that danged hurricane which we did evacuate for). We enjoy having Galveston--a beach!--only an hour away, and we actually own a house here so it's fun to feel a little bit like a grown up! I'm also getting used to wearing shorts basically all year long, but miss the snow.

What does the future hold for us? Probably a few more hurricanes, a few more kids, a lot more debt, and a lot of funny stories to tell.

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Matt said...

I wish it didn't snow in Utah, snow kinda sucks, but it's nice once in a while I have to admit. Since we're both on the forum more, great update, but I look forward to the funny stories in the future!