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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

John Hancock?.....Everybody knows it's Nancy Hancock

After graduation....ah....
I went on the final fling with the orchestra to Disneyland and then left the same day we arrived to go to Portland OR as a nanny. I spent the summer in Portland and did a few classes at Mt Hood Community College. At the end of the summer 2000 I went to Salt Lake City, Ut as a nanny again. I attended University of Utah full-time-ish as well, doing a lot of at home courses, which I didn't finish. I basically played with kids and played at school for the year. At then end of my freshman fiasco I headed back to Portland for the summer nanny job again.

From Portland I went back to the Burg to make up for all my studying deviance and went gungho with studies at BYU-Idaho. I lived at home and took A LOT of classes and busied myself in student government again. After two semesters I had my Associates in English Ed. and flew away as a transfer student to BYU-Hawaii to enjoy the sunny shores of Oahu.

I LOVED school in Hawaii, and not just for the beaches either. I spent the summer and fall semesters there before leaving on a mission for the LDS Church to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Brazil was an experience of a lifetime! I loved being a missionary and the Portuguese language is AMAZING! However, after 18 months I was ready to go back to the US and something besides beans and rice.

I was briefly back in the Burg before setting back to Oahu for my last year in school. Being a senior in college was way more fun than even being a senior in high school. I finished out my Bachelors degree in English/Theatre. I reluctantly left the North Shore to return to the Burg.

I went back to the Burg to take care of my parents' home and properties while they served a mission. That left me with one awesome summer of gardening and managing properties - the most relaxed jobs you could wish for. Skye Oakey (Beckley) joined me as a housemate, and we got a cat. We slept on the trampoline outside almost every night that summer. In the midst of our dinner parties and adventures to National Parks, I met my match, my eternal match!

From first kiss to marriage date, it was four fast blissful months of courtship for Josh Button and I. We were married in the Idaho Falls temple on October 27, 2005. I had been working as an Americorp volunteer in Madison County with youth development and Josh continued as a student at BYU-Idaho. I was then stuck in the Burg until he graduated in April 2007.

We added our daughter Faith in January of 2007. She is beautiful. She was a fun companion to me during a summer of Security System installation in Minneapolis MN and Houston TX. Josh worked crazy hours and Faith and I were lucky to keep busy as office aids. At the end of the summer, we scurried out of Houston just in front of Hurricane Erin to get to Boise, ID.

Josh is a Physicians Assistant Graduate Student with ISU, Boise campus, in his second year. I basically have the best job, staying at home with my beautiful children with a little side work doing book keeping for Chiropractic clinics. We have lived in Boise the longest of all our locations since marriage. We were blessed with little Danny in June of 2008 and he is a smiling chunk. We spent another stint of time in Rexburg while Josh was on rotations, but are back at home (so happy) in Boise until at least August, and then who knows what! Life is an adventure, thank goodness.

How's that for a near ten year synopsis? Crazy how little, but how much has changed in that time. I have loved keeping in touch with some of you on the forum, it is just like the good ole chats in the commons of MHS.
Shine on all,
Nancy Hancock Button

p.s. I do have a blog, address is posted in the forum ;)


Miriam said...

Way to put some plugs in for the forum. Loved hearing from/more about you.

Anna said...

Our second baby is named Dani as well, but ours is a girl. She was also an '08 baby. Cool business!