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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Madam Vice President

Check out what Ashleigh has been up to since May of 2000.

After graduation I attended BYU-Idaho for a few years... and skied a lot. I started to do backcountry/telemark skiing and really loved it and ended up teaching it for awhile at Targhee. I went on a mission to Baltimore, Maryland and then returned to the Burg to finish school. (There were quite a few Madison people (mainly younger guys) serving out there while I was..Ben Brubaker, Alan Patterson, Heather Kirkpatrick, to name only a few)..I graduated in Recreation Leadership and minored in Business. (So I could be a 'ski at home mom' some day) I moved to SLC and worked at a gear shop and tested skis for our company to decide which to buy and consequently skied A LOT during that time as well. I lived in SLC for 3 years and started road biking a lot and did some long distance races the last few summers. While on a backcountry ski trip I met a guy named Bobby Bassett from Seattle/Houston and after seeing each other ski we took a bit of a fancy to each other:-) He moved to SLC after he finished school and then we were married in August in the Rexburg Temple. It's GREAT!!! We moved back to Rexburg for him to do his internship which he did at the hospital in finance and I started a cleaning job doing a few houses and a couple of Laundromats. (way to use my degree right now:-) , as well as a little bit of landscaping. So here we are...Bobby is studying for the February LSAT and we hope to get into Law School and start somewhere in August!!! No "Mini-AshBobb-ers" yet, but we are very excited for them one day!! We just returned from the same week long backcountry ski trip we met was great! I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I met while growing up here. It was great to see some of them over the holiday. I hope everyone is doing well and is where they would like to be.

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