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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Half way to our first check, and sorry about the faulty game ifo.

Hey everybody,

We've slowed a little in our fundraising efforts, but we are still moving ahead. The good news is that we are over halfway to our first check from Google, another $47 and change will get the class some money. So keep googling your searches here, and if you see an ad that looks interesting, click it. Every little bit helps.

Secondly, for whatever reason, I was misinformed about the district championship game. It happens tonight against Twin. Our boys are already going to state, this game just determines their seeding. So check out the link for Madison Sports on the right side of your screen and listen in tonight at 7PM MST.

Thanks for checkin the blog. Oh, and if you haven't scrolled down far enough to see yet, I set up a reader on the blogs of the class. So you can see who has updated recently, at least those who haven't locked their blog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

mhs choirs

MHS choir to perform at regional music conference

REXBURG -- The Madison High School Bel Canto Choir will be traveling to Spokane, Wash., on Friday to perform at the Northwest Music Educators Conference.

The conference, sponsored by the Washington Music Educators Association "promotes educational resources for music educators and students in our public and private schools and colleges," according to the WMEA Web site.

Participants for the conference are chosen by audition. The MHS Choir sent in an audition tape last spring, and the choir students were pleasantly surprised when they were invited to the conference, said MHS Director of Choirs David Hinck.

"The students are both excited and anxious for the performance," said Hinck. "It's an honor to perform at this conference, and we are going to put our best foot forward."

Hinck also said the conference provides his students with the opportunity to listen and learn from other participant choirs and share "what they do," with other choirs.

The MHS Bel Canto Choir will perform five pieces of music during its 25-minute performance, including a song entitled "Past Life Melodies," a song that consists of tones and sounds rather than words.

The choir will also attend workshops and performances of other schools in attendance.

Hinck said that choir members will spend an entire day with the Whiteworth University Choir getting tips on how to improve their performance and sound.

The Northwest Music Educators Conference will be held over a three-day period at the end of this week.

The trip has been paid for by students, with the high school pitching in for travel expenses.

The MHS Bel Canto Choir will be giving the same performance for local residents on March 18. The event will be held at MHS, and admission is free.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I know some people who would have owned these.

More rejected Star Wars Gadgets at:

What Rexburg needs?

I've been thinkin lately that we southeast idahoans have it pretty good. Rexburg is a peaceful community, good schools, some good food, and entertainment only thirty miles down the road. Life is good here.

Having spent time outside the bubble, I realize that we are short on some things. For instance, I would love to have a real steak, like the ones I had in Nebraska. Corn fed and amazing. If you haven't had one, then you go ahead and continue eating and enjoying your gritty beef, you'll be none the wiser.

Anyways, what does Rexburg need? If you came "home" from your far and distant lands what would you bring with you?

Eternal locals; you are also welcome to comment on what you want to have here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tryin to have some cool stuff on here, so you'll enjoy your visits. What do you like? What don't you like? Any suggestions on other stuff?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Katrina Ormson update

General Update on my oh so exciting life:

After high school I went straight to Ricks College, studied in Mexico, and graduated BYU-I in Dec 01 with my associates in Gen Business. I then transferred to BYU (the Provo one). I took a study abroad to Italy and studied art there--which was way awesome! I graduated with my BA in Marketing and Advertising Communications with a minor in Business in 2004. In August '04 I married Jon Ormson after 2 months of dating, 2 months of engagement, and 4 years of friendship. We lived in Provo until he got his associates, and then we moved to Lubbock, Tx so he could attend Texas Tech University (go Raiders!) Our first kiddo-Sevryn Kelly- was born March '06 and thankfully I quit working for an optomotrist to be a stay-at-homer. Jon just graduated from Tech in May 2008 and we moved to Houston for dental school. We are in our 2nd semester and have already gone through hurricane Ike. Our second kiddo-Kristian Teik-was born this June and I officially have my hands full. I spend my days wrangling up the kiddos, and I also work at LA Fitness teaching Spin(biking), Bodyworks (lifting), and Water Aerobics. My job keeps me sane, and my kids keep me happy/busy/frustrated/crazy.

We will be here in Houston for the next 4 years at least--anyone ever in town is more than welcome to stay with us! So far we like it (minus that danged hurricane which we did evacuate for). We enjoy having Galveston--a beach!--only an hour away, and we actually own a house here so it's fun to feel a little bit like a grown up! I'm also getting used to wearing shorts basically all year long, but miss the snow.

What does the future hold for us? Probably a few more hurricanes, a few more kids, a lot more debt, and a lot of funny stories to tell.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

582 visits and $30.41

January was the third highest number of visits for the blog in a month, Yipee! I am excited, don't get me wrong, I just wish we could find our missing members. I think we could easily double the number of monthly visits, thus doubling the amount generated for the 10 year. Eh, it's no big deal, but if you see people from our class, be sure to tell them about the blog and the forum.

The $30.41 is for January only. Since I put google ads on here they have generated around $40. Slow but sure, still averaging around one dollar a day, which is good.

Monday, February 2, 2009

sorry for the delay kids.

Life has a way of sneaking up on us that can be unpleasant. Nothing bad has happened the past two weeks, but tons of good things have, and those good things have taken a lot of time. Sorry for the shortage of new posts, but look for your regular programming to return soon. Also, not sure about the podcast, but you will obviously be the first ones to know if I start one up.