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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Calling anyone who cares!

So life has flown by just a little quickly! We're all older, wiser and fatter (wait a minute, that's just me.) Some of us are happily married, while others remain happily single. Some of us might be rich, most of us are probably not.

What ever your situation, write in. This could be a good opportunity to catch up with everybody. This should be open format so anyone can comment, and if your so inclined send me an email and I'll add you as an author if you promise to be good.

P.S. Don't tell the school that I stole the picture from their site.


Dan said...

I figure if I'm going to start this thingy, I probably should give you an update about me. This is Dan Brown, I am living in Rigby now. I've been married for 5 years. My wife and I have one son, his name is Hadley. Life is pretty normal for us. I sell insurance and write a little on the side. Look forward to hearing from as many old classmates as care to respond.

Natasha said...

Hurrah! I'm the first to comment.. . does that make me a geek?

Update on me:
-Married for almost 7 years
-Mother to 1 and 7/8 kids. . I WAS due June 4th. . I'm a little cranky to still be pregnant
- Living in New York and liking life most days
- Have a blog-

Cameron Walker said...

Way to go Dan the Man this is a great idea.
Update: Heather and I have been married for almost 4 years we have a daughter Aleksandra 8 months. We live in Fayetteville,Arkansas where I attend law school.
Our blog is:
We are just living life and loving every minute of it!

PS. Dan I liked the article- you are a great writer.

Dan said...

Welcome to Natasha & Cameron. Good to hear from you both.

Cara said...

Hey, this is a great idea - I have found many a Madison Higher blogs but it is good to have everyone in one place!

This is Cara Hart Sullenger - married to another alumni Kash Sullenger.
Married 4 years
No Children
Living in Southaven, MS where Kash attends Optometry school and I work as an accountant.

Andrea Clements said...

Hey old friend,

-Married four years
-Have one daughter and a son on the way Due this October
-Living in Buffalo New York while my husband attends Dental School
- I do have a blog but its invite only so if you want an invite email me at

Dan said...

Welcome Cara & Andrea! Glad to hear from you.

Lisa said...

Wow, it's crazy hearing from everyone again! This is Lisa (Mitchell) McNiven. After going to Cincinnati, OH for grad school I'm back in Rexburg (a place I never thought I would live!). I've been married to my husband Tyler for almost one year. I'm teaching at BYU-Idaho as well as a private music studio in my home, and Tyler is the audio engineer for the BYU-Idaho music department.

Dan said...

Lisa, welcome.

Tyler & Terrah Harper said...


- Graduated from BYU-Idaho in April 2004; degree in English
- Married nearly 10 months to Tyler Harper, a Canadian from Edmonton, Alberta
- Served a mission to the Indiana Indianapolis Mission, but came home six months later due to enigmatic (and yet present) health issues
- Living in Rexburg while Tyler finishes school
- Blog:

Reuben Ortega said...

Hi all; I am glad to hear everyone is doing so well.

Update: Jamie and I have been married for 4 years in a couple day and we have a son Issac almost 2 years old and a new baby girl (Isabella) due in 2 months. We live in Coraville, Iowa where I attend law school. However we are in Seattle, Washington for my internship this summer at a local law firm Lane Powell.

Our blog is:

Life is busy, but we are doing great and excited to hear from everyone!

Lisa Marie said...

Dan this is such a great idea, thanks for getting it started. This is Lisa Calder, I am finishing up at Utah State University graduating in Interior Design. Right now I'm living in Salt Lake interning for an interior design firm and then next month I'm headed to LA to do another internship for a well known designer, Kelly Wearstler. I've had my cosmetology degree for about five years and have used that to pave my way through college.

It's great to hear from the class of 2000. Keep up the good word.

Liz Case said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liz Case said...

This is Liz Case. Good idea Dan! So I am in Vegas. Livin' the Vegas life you know?... Probably not what you are thinking though. I am teaching Health and P.E. and coaching High School Soccer, and also playing in a few soccer leauges myself. All of this keeps me busy. But It's SUMMER now! So I get to travel a lot. Gotta love life, it's good!

Miriam said...

Hi Everyone, this is Miriam Andersen (Pope). It is so fun to hear about all of you. Thanks for setting this up Dan.

I live with my husband (Damon) of 5 years in Cleveland, Ohio. He's on his last year of dental school after which we will have at least 4 years of service in the Air Force.

We have 1 daughter, Hannah, who is 20 months old and are expecting our second daughter (Myah) next month!

Our blog is

Dave said...

This is Dave Hunt. This blog is a great idea. It's fun to see where everyone is.

I am in Dallas, interning at a law firm (seems like our class produced a fair number of lawyers, right?). My wife and I have been married 4 years and we have two beautiful daughters. I have one more year of law school in NY.

My wife keeps a blog at

See y'all at the 10 year.

Myklind said...

Hey everyone, This is Myklind (Robison) Coburn. This is such a good Idea. It is so fun to see where everyone is and what they are up to. Thanks for setting it up Dan.

- I have been married to Tyler Coburn for 4 years.
- We have 2 little boys Daxson and Jaden.
- We are living in Panama City Florida while Tyler attends Nurse Anesthesia school.
- My blog is

Cara said...

I forgot to add our blog - it is

Bree said...

Thanks for putting this together Dan! It's fun hearing where everyone has ended up! Here's what I've been up to:
~Graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2004.
~Married James in 2005...he's from Rigby guys...hope you can forgive me! :)
~We've moved around a bit, but we are back in Rexburg for now while my husband works and finishes school. I stay at home with our sweet little girl Avri (15 months) and love it.

Bree (Norris)

Dan said...

Welcome to Terrah, Reuben, Lisa, Liz, Miriam, Dave, Myklind and Bree. It's awesome to see how spread out our class is!

Dan said...

Welcome to Mandy.

Michael said...

Good to hear from the class of 2000
This is Michael Leman, I graduated as an RN two years ago and worked in Idaho Falls and then in Mesa AZ. Right now I am in El Salvador volunteering in orphanges, doing community health teaching, and helping with staff training in some clinics.

Dan said...

Welcome Michael.

Heidi said...

This is Amos and Heidi Kington. It's good to hear about everyone this blog is a great idea. I am getting ready to graduate in Health Care Administration. We are currently in Idaho Falls but who knows where we will be in the next couple of weeks. We have been married 5 1/2 years and have three children. Sylvia, Thomas, and Spencer.
Our blog is:

The Dunns said...

It is good to hear from so many of the class of 2000. Great Idea!
Update: This is Carly (Fullmer) Dunn I have been married to Jimmy for 3 years now. We are currently in Spokane Washington. Jimmy graduated from Creighton Medical School last year and we moved here to Spokane to do a Radiology Residency. We have two daughters Hallie (2) and Savannah (3 months). Life is busy but great. We have a blog: if you would like to see it send me your e-mail

Dan said...

Welcome to the Kingtons and the Dunns.

John-Amy said...

Dan thanks for doing this. This is John Gibson. I am living in Provo UT with my wife, Amy and daughter Hailey. I will be finishing my Masters in Exercise Physiology in the coming months. A partner and I are just about to open a personal training/strength and conditioning company in the next few months. Life is great and we are looking forward to the possibilities of the future.
Our blog is

Dan said...

Howdy John.

Barb said...

Hey this is Barb Scoresby. The word has spread fast about this! I graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2005 in Communications and worked as a graphic artist for awhile. Currently I'm living in Denver pursuing a Radiologic Technologist degree and will be finishing that up in 3 weeks and then I'm moving to SLC to attend Ultrasound school this fall!

It's fun to see where everyone has ended up!

Natalie said...

Thanks Dan for putting this together! I have been married for 6 1/2 years to Ryan Raymond from just outside of Blackfoot. We both graduated in 2004 with B.S. in Business Management from BYU-I. We currently live in Rexburg but just bought a house in Rigby and will be moving soon hopefully. We have one beautiful little girl Hailey who will be 2 in August and a little boy on the way due in October. Thanks for keeping us all in touch!!

Natalie Thompson (Raymond)

Darci said...

Hey, it's Darci Wray Stephens. It's good to hear how everyone is doing.

My husband (Dale) and I have been married for six years and have two girls - Clara and Alice. We live in Westlake Village, CA. I stay home with the girls, and Dale works for Wells Fargo.

I can't believe we all grew up and turned into "real" people! :)

Dan said...

Hello to Barb, Natalie & Darci.

Kacie said...

Hi this is Kacie Brandon Hanna's wife. He is not an avid blogger like me so I will write for him.
-We have been married for 4 years in July.
-We have one son who is 18 months named Braxton, and we have one on the way due January 1st!
-We live in Rexburg half of the year and then a new place every summer as Brandon is a manager for APX Alarm. He enjoys his job and does very good at it!!

Dan said...

Welcome to Kacie Hanna (Brandon's wife).

Aaron & Kalle said...

This is Kalle Zirker-Reynolds. Aaron and I have been married for almost 5 years. Aaron works for the Department of Defense as a Meteorologist. I stay ay home with our 7 month old daughter Maya. We live in Dugway, Utah. Our blog site is

Dan said...

Hello Kalle.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,
This does spread fast. This is Tammy Mac ( now Champo). Quick update is I graduated from BYU-I and BYU and worked as a journalist for a couple of years. I went on a mission to Chicago and loved it. I live in Salt Lake City with my husband Haller Champo from Mexico. We just bought a house and love it. I guess I'm behind the times and am not a blogger yet so you can add me as a friend on facebook :) It's soo good to hear from everyone!

Krista said...

Hey, this is really fantastic thanks has been so fun to think about where everyone has taken their lives! This is Krista West Hasler (Kri) and I have been married to my husband Will for 2 and a half years. We live in provo and I finished up with grad school at BYU in social work in 2005 and am a therapist working with teenage girls. Life is great and I am really excited to hear about how everyone is doing. 10 year will be great!!!

Dan said...

Welcome Tammy Mac and Kri.

Nancy said...

Yahoo! Dan the Man! I don't know how many times Katrina and I have talked about doing this, but then all we ever did as Senior class officers was eat Crackle bars in Hampton's office anyhoo, and the rest of the class came up with all the amazing things. Which, you should probably put up a post for cool 10 year reunion ideas...since it is coming up closer than I will remember to plan in advance.
Nancy Hancock Button here. I live in Boise with my little family; husband Josh (of 3 years), daughter Faith (17 months) and Baby Boy (days away from hatching). Life went fast after high school - I spent 4 years at 4 universities getting my BA in English/Theatre finally from BYU-Hawaii. I served a mission in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I have lived in Portland OR, SLC UT, Rexburg (it always draws you back), Laie HI, Brazil, Minneapolis MN, Houston TX and have finally landed in Boise the illustrious capital city of Idaho.
I would love to be a contributer/author, although I cannot promise anything scintillating. My email is
Thanks again Dan!

Ormson Family said...

Rock on Dan! Like Nancy just mentioned, we've been meaning to do this for awhile!

This is Katrina Bagley Ormson. I've been married for 4 years in August, and I have a 2 year old girl named Sevryn (Sevy) and we are expecting #2 which is a boy sometime this month (the sooner the better!)

I married a Texan named Jon Ormson and we have been living in Lubbock, TX going to Tech for the past 3 years and are heading to dental school in Houston this fall. I graduated from BYU in Marketing and Advertising Communications in '04 and basically have been doing nothing worthwhile in that field since! I was working at an optometrist's office and am a cycling and youth fitness instructor at our gym and rocking the stay-at-home mom thing!

For the record Dan, Hadley is an awesome name!

Oh! My blog is:


Jodee said...

This is Jodee, Jason Nelson's wife. He isn't into blogging like I am so I will give you an update on our life:
-Married for 4 1/2 years
-One child, Cody, who is 2 1/2 years old
-Live in Rexburg
-Own a business, Mantles by Design, and build fireplace mantles and custom furniture. (This keeps him very busy)
-Currently going to school at BYU-Idaho in business and construction.

Our blog is:

EC said...

Thanks Dan for setting this up. This is Edgar Cheney. My wife, Sarah, and I have been married for almost three years. We have a crazy fun little girl(15 months named Hannah. We live in SLC. I work for the Church. Not much more to say except that life is wonderful. Our blog is
come say hi.

Matt said...

Excellent work Dan, very good idea. This is Matt Wolfley, I live in Ogden, Utah with my wife Jill. We've been married a little over four years and we have one daughter (Harley, 2 years old) and one son (Griffin, 4 days old-yeah!). They're great, and I have been working for Comcast Telecomm for three years in various departments, but most recently in the Sales and Marketing Department as a Sales and Contract Consultant, Jill graduated from Weber State University two years ago with a bachelors in Human Performance and is content being a stay at home mom. I'm looking forward to what this blog can offer!

JillEE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JillEE said...

Good idea Dan. This is Jill (Walker) Erb. I have sort of blogger stalked a lot of people from High school (read their blogs, they probably don't know). So I think this site is a great idea.

Since high school I graduated from BYU-Idaho, served a mission in Portland Oregon, and got married 2 years ago. Probably the coolest thing I have done is going back to MHS and teaching seminary for 2 trimesters. Brother Carter was my boss :-)

My husband and I moved to Boston for his work about a year ago, and a month ago we migrated to Washington DC. You can read the whole story (well my version) at my blog

Joel Erickson said...

Wow. It's really good to hear what all of you are doing.

My wife Valerie (from Rigby) and I have been married for about 5 years now and we have a 15 month old son Sawyer and one on the way in November. Don't know what it is yet. We wait till the delivery cause it just makes things freakin exciting.

I am finishing up film school at BYU this month. I work in post-production sound f/x and music for films and stuff. Too bad around here all there is to work on are those cheesy mormon films. Probably move to Cali soon.
Hope everyone is good.

The Porter's said...

Hello everyone! Megan (Mendenhall) Porter speaking here. This was such a great idea. It was so nice being able to catch up on what everyone has been up to. I'm very excited to continue to read about everyone. Here is an update on the Porter's.

- Joe and I have been married 5 years this August
- Moved to New York three years ago
- Joe works for Goldman Sachs and I currently work for Morgan Stanley as a Learning and Development Manager.
- No Children

If you want check out our blog at

Chuey&Chu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chuey&Chu said...

Hi, this is Anthon Davenport reporting for duty. I'm living in Rexburg with my wife, Julianna-used-to-be Clark (she's from the class of '01). We can't seem to escape--er... get away from this lovely place of snow and bad roads. We have been married for about three years.
I am pursuing a degree in Architecture and Construction Management. Life is good, you know? Now, I've been checking out the blogs, and everyone has these cool blogs and stuff, but we just have a cheezy one. But enjoy it anyway...
Good to hear from everyone.

Melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

Hey, This is Melissa Orr (yup, still just Orr)! Crazy to hear about how everyone is doing…but fun! I’ve kind of been all over with school, travel, and work since HS, but I finished up my BS in 2004 and worked as a developmental specialist for 2 years doing home based therapy for children with special needs. I’m now living in Seattle working on my second bachelors degree at UW in speech and hearing sciences. I finish up in August and will start grad school…ugh, school, school and more school. But life is good!

Dan said...

Welcome to Nancy, Katrina, Jodee, Edgar, Matt, Jill, Joel, Megan, Anton and Melissa. It's good to hear from all of you.

Ex said...

Tyler Steiner here,

Hi guys... i've been married for 4 1/2 years to cassandra oxenrider from Minnesota. We have an adorable little 2 1/2 year old girl. I will be graduating in july from BYUI in Computer Information technology. I am currently working for Madison School District as a computer technician.

Wow, a lot of you married a Tyler... ;)

I have a house right between Dave Hunts and Miriam Andersen (Pope)'s parent house.

wifes blog:
My blog:

If anyone want to set up a bulletin board or wiki just let me know, it will be a bit easier to keep track of people and comments that way.

Cheri Chiddix said...

Hey All!! Wow it is great to see what everyone has been up to. This is Cheri Chiddix, I have been all over the place since graduation traveling and going to school. Life is great, and I have been dating a great guy for a few years now and we plan to get married next August, and continue to live in Seattle!! Yes it does rain a lot, but the city is really a beautiful place with a lot to offer. I have been in Salt Lake for the past year working in the Accounting Department for Salt Lake Commmunity College. It has been a great learning experience, but will be nice to get back to Seattle next month where I belong.
No kids - Too busy now, but hopefully in the next few years.
Its great to hear from all of you.

C & A Orr said...

This Cameron Orr checking in! I served a mission to Minnesota shortly after graduation. Shortly after I got home I asked Angelica Rosen to be my wife. We were married on 01/02/03 and have two children right now, Joshua (almost 4), and Leah (1.5). Angie graduated from Ricks/BYU-I with an A.S. in Biology in 2003 and I graduated in December 2007 from BYU-I with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. We live in Riverton, UT and I work in Alpine for a small consulting engineering firm.
It is good to see all the people who have already heard about the blog. It sure brings back memories of "the good ole' days" seeing all your names again.

Logan said...

Wow- It's pretty cool to see where everyone is ending up.
I'm Logan Hazard. I've been married for three years to the beautiful Rachel (Almond) from Sandy and we just had our first georgeous child, Evelyn. We are loving life in Cleveland, OH where I am in dental school. Incidently, we live very close to Miriam (Anderson) Pope and her family. We maintain a blog at for anyone who is interested.

C & A Orr said...

Here is our blog (not much right now) in case you're interested.

Cameron and Angelica Orr

Kristen said...

Hi, this is Kristen (Gummow) Bolke. I know I go from one weird last name to another, but at least it's higher in the alphabet. I am currently living in SLC with my husband of 9 months, Rob Bolke. He's a mechanical engineer for Hexcel and I am a nurse practitioner for the UofU hospital.
You're welcome to see our blog at

Dal & Nat said...

Hello! This is sooo exciting.
This is Natalie (Brown) Tolman. I married Dallan Tolman. We will be married 7 yrs in Oct. We have 3 children. Corbin almost 6 alysha 3 and Dallas 11/2. We are living in afton Wy ( yeah not where I thought I'd endup but i love it) Anyway if you are ever in th neigborhood stop by. My husband graduated from BYU-I in business management . I am happy to be a stay home mom but they sure keep me busy. It is soo great to hear where everyone is. Take care.

Shane, Margie, and Brynn said...

This is Margie Haley Wright. Was anyone else nervous to post about themselves?....high school nerves all over again. I decided to be mature about it, and give some info, only because I appreciate hearing about everyone else. This blog is a great way to stay in I guess I'll do my part too.
I married Shane Wright who is from California in 2002, we met at BYU-Idaho. 6 months later we moved to Boise for 3 years (we loved it there, and I hope Nancy does too!)I took my turn at school, and finished my BA in radiology (xray), specializing in CT. Then we moved to Provo, Shane just finished his MBA at BYU. I kept working a bit, but quit after returning back from Shane's internship in Boston last summer. We got to spend time with Jill Erb when she first moved there too. We have an active, adorable (I'm biased of course) girl named Brynn who is 17 months old. Shane is working in Orem,UT now so we'll be here for awhile, which we never expected (don't say you will "never" do something, because chances are you will).
Life is great, I and enjoy hearing what everyone is up to.
Our blog is to see what else we do with our time.

Dan said...

Welcome to Tyler, Cheri, Cameron & Angelica, Logan, Kristen, Natalie, Margie.

Dan said...

Tyler, if you want to email me about a bulletin board or wiki, please do. I'm fairly computer-dumb.

Anonymous said...

What does everyone think about having to login to see this blog? I know its annoying, but it would avoid any scamming of information from people using search engines for that purpose. By now this blog has already been spidered by Google. With a login to view the blog, no search engines can spider this site any further.

Adam Sparhawk said...

This is Adam Sparhawk. I graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2006 and now work as a tax accountant for PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. I'm also going to grad school part time for a Master's in Accounting at Baruch College. I got married in February to Liesel Enke who is from Salt Lake but has been in New York for 5 years. We're having a great time out here but get jealous when we hear about friends who own homes when we live in a tiny studio apartment and pay a ton for it! But that's the cost of living on Wall Street! Thankfully, Liesel hasn't learned to blog yet, so I don't have a blog to show everyone. It's great to hear about everyone.

Tyler Steiner said...

Dear "Anonymous",

We (Me and Dan) are working on setting up a better way to do all this. Such as a wiki or forum. As for security, don't post your e-mail address, simple as that. The websites/blog we all post are most likely already crawled.

Also, please be considerate enough to put your name when you post. The new system we set up wont let you post anonymously, :p

-Tyler Steiner

Kacie said...

Hey this is Kacie Hanna, Brandon Hanna's wife again. Our blog is if anyone wants to check it out!

iandty said...

Hey this is Adalynn (Park) Thiel - thought this was really cool and so I'm leaving my mark! Life has been good. I pretty much have the same story as everyone else! Went to college, moved around, met my husband Tyler from Wisconsin (go packers) - have been married for 3 years - have a 11 month old little boy Dylan! We live in Provo, UT!
I also have a blog!

Megan said...

Hi everyone! I love this idea. This is Megan Southam.Yes, I was married to Nathan clay,we remain good friends. I have been blessed whith 2 beutifull children. Sicily Clay(5)& Conner Clay(4).We live in Salem Idaho.I know, we didn't go far. We love it here, especially the summers. I feel very lucky to be a stay at home mom and watch my children blossem. My email is I would love to hear from my friends.

Mariann said...

Life has been crazy lately, but when is it not? I have been married 9 1/2 years. I have two girls and a boy. Kamrie is 8, Taylor is 6, and Keagan is 4. They keep me busy but we have a lot of fun. I work for the Rexburg Post Office as a "mail lady" part time and I love it.
It's great to see how everyone is doing.

Dan said...

Hello to Adam, Adalynn, Megan and Mariann.

Nicky said...

Hello All-
This is Nicky Kotter (In 10 days Kimmel)I graduated from the Y-I back in 2004 with my BS. Right now I'm in Idaho Falls, but will be in Nampa. I have the most perfect, beautiful, brilliant, hellion of a 2.5 year old that you will ever meet. Pictures of the stink can be found at...
Take care all.

Lainey said...

Wow! Elaine Lovell Lake reporting from Washington DC. We are out here doing a summer internship, then back to Salt Lake City for one more year of graduate school. Since highschool - I went to BYU-I, then married Warren. Finished my masters at the U of U in Speech-Pathology, had baby girl #1, moved to Rexburg to work for a year, then back to SLC for Warren's school. I work very part time at University hospital and get to be a stay at home mom the rest of the time. We now have two beautiful daughters and are looking forward to the future (e.g. having a real job and maybe even a house someday!)

Lainey said...

PS - In case any of you haven't seen this yet and woule like your email added to the list -

Hey Fellow Bobcats!
Even though the ten year reunion is still a couple years off, we are going to start collecting contact information now, so that maybe by the time the reunion rolls around we will be in contact with most members of our class... So here is what YOU need to do:
1- Reply to this address - please send your current mailing address and the email address that you use most reliably. Your email will be saved in the contacts list so that we can send information about the next reunion.
2- Forward this email to anyone from the MHS class of 2000 that you are in contact with.
Hopefully we can network and get lots of people in the address book. We are depending on YOU to help out with this so that we can be in contact with everyone and have a great reunion!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Elaine Lovell Lake

Dorothy said...

This is Dorothy Culwell (Holt). I got my bachelors at BYUI in almost art. I married Brad from Seattle six years ago (my how time flies!). We have three kids: two boys and one eight month old little girl. We live just outside of Palmyra, New York and get to go to church right next to the temple and the Sacred Grove. Now I'm a stay at home mom and biding my time until I get to go back to school to finish up a masters.

Our blog is:

Heather said...

Heather (Noack) Kidd here! Howdy MHS Grads! I got my associates at BYUI in dance and married Shad Kidd (MHS Class of '98) a few days later in Salt Lake. We spent 1 year in Provo while Shad finsished undergrad in history, then we went to U of Michigan for law school and his masters in South East Asian Studies (he served a mission in Bangkok Thailand and fell in love with it). We had 2 kids there- Justice
(4) and Felicity(3). We worked in San Fransisco and Dallas at law firms during the summer, but chose to join the JAG Corps in the Air Force after Shad's graduation. We are posted in Albuquerque now, where our son Christian(1) was born. We have been married almost 6 years. Shad is deploying to Baghdad next month, and the kids and I are going to be in Rexburg for the next 6-7 months visiting family. I can be contacted at or better, the same title at

Tami and Aaron said...

Hello this is great to read about everyone! This is Tami Aiman Cengiz (the last name is not at all what it looks like) I married Aaron from AZ 5 1/2 years ago and we have two beautiful little kids. Annie is 4 and Ryan is 3. I've been blessed to be a stay at home mom! Aaron just finished his M.A. in Spanish Tranlation and Interpreting. We've been living in Wisconsin for over two years now and have loved it! Hopefully we'll be getting a "real" job sometime soon and move on to the next phase of life. I have a blog, nothing too exciting

White Family said...

Hello everyone!

This is Kyle White and here is an update on our lives:
I’ve been married for 3 ½ years to my wife Jessica. We have a 10 month old little boy named Chase who unfortunately is taking after his father too much in his features, but fortunately has his mother’s bight and cheerful personality. Jessica and I both graduated from BYU-I in 2007 and I’ve been working at an accounting firm in Tempe, AZ while she stays at home with our son. We are really enjoying our lives hear in Arizona.

We have a blog @ that my wife keeps up.

Thanks Dan for putting this together and its good to see that everyone seems to be doing well.

Dan said...

Hello to Nicky, Elaine, Dorothy, Heather, Tami and Kyle. And congrats to Nicky on her upcoming wedding!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. This is Selina Webster Thomas. I married Shad from Rigby so don't be to mad. We have been married since December 2001. We have one little energized boy, Shon, who will be 4 in August. We bought a house in Ririe a month ago and loving it. I work for Rigby High School as a lunch lady. Shad is enjoying staying at home in the off season and working in landscaping and construction. Can't wait for the reunion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is Selina again. We don't have ablog but we do have a Facebook account wiht pics and news.

Brooke Lindstrom Heaton said...

Hi everyone!
I was recently married to my husband Troy in September of 2007. He works as an engineer at Micron here in Boise. I graduated from nursing school and I am working at St. Alphonsus hospital in the Neuroscience unit. We don't have any kids yet but are planning on a few after we go on a couple vacations! Hope everyone is doing well and take care!
Brooke (Ba head)

Helena said...

Hello Everyone! Dan great idea and way to pick up the ball and get this going for everyone. Well I suppose I should leave an update on myself as everyne else has. Helena Kaaiakamanu Jensen here. I'm still in Rexburg. I have recently gotten divrced, but am living a happy life with my 4 children. My twins just turned 8, a son that's 6, and another that just turned 5. I am currently working at the Madison County Jail as a Detention Officer. I love it. Other than that not a whole lot of excitement. Work and kids are my life, and loving it!

Dan said...

Welcome to Selina, Brooke & Helena.

Ashleigh Wood said...

HOWDY everyone!!! It's so fun to hear what everyone is up to. This is Ashleigh Wood here! (Soon to be Ashleigh BASSETT!! I just became engaged 2 weeks happened at tube Bobby's and Ashleigh's Engagement...super funny flick)Things are bueno for me. I live in Salt Lake and sell skis and test them for the company i work for...and we also sell climbing and camping equipment. I served a mission in Baltimore..AMAZING! It's a TINY bit different then Rexburg. Bobby and I are getting hitched August 20th in the Rexburg temple..reception to follow, you're ALL INVITED!!! Things are great and i'm happy and SKIING and ROAD BIKING a TON!!! LIFE IS GRAND!!
THanks a TON DAn, this is GREAT!

Mike said...

Hey, this is Mike Archibald and it has been cool to see where people have ended up. My update is that I have been married to Sandi Pearce (MHS 02) for just over two years. We live in Moscow, Idaho where I just finished my first year of law school, but more currently we are in Boise where I have an internship for the summer. Our blog , which isn't all that exciting because we don't have kids, is

Ashleigh Wood said...

TO Mike brother is at the U of I law school...about to start his 3rd year, Bart Ricks too i think. Just thought i'd tell ya
Ashleigh wood

Jeff said...

This is Jeff Bednar...its good to be back in touch with so many of you!

Here is a quick update on some of the major things that have happened in my life the last 8 years:

- '01-'03 Served a mission in London (along with Brent Beattie)
- '04 Got rid of that awesome part in my hair; Dad got a new church calling that has made life a little more interesting for our family.
- '07 Graduated from BYU with a Masters in Accounting; Got married to Anne Bergstedt (a U of U grad) from Salt Lake; Moved to Ann Arbor, MI where I started a PhD in Business at the U of M.
- '08 Anne and I are expecting a little girl in September!

Todd said...

Hi there everyone,
This is Todd Nye. Since high school ended I've been living in Utah,currently in Logan.
-Served a mission to Singapore.
-Studying at USU.
-We're selling our house. Who's moving to Logan? Come check out our house. ;)
-My wife Kim graduated from USU long time ago and is currently employed w/ the First District Court as a probation officer. That's how we met. j/k
-We have a little girl of 11 months, Kate Nye.
-O yes, been married 3 years.

Todd said...

o, btw.... "Hi JEFF!", lost your number when my daughter sucked on my phone, I'm embarrassed to call your dad's secretary again. Email me when you get a sec. Thanks

The Whos said...

Hi everyone this is Leslie (Sutton) Donahoo. I graduated from BYU-I with a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology then I married the funniest man on the face of this planet Jake Donahoo. Let's just say my life is never boring! I went back to school and received a second degree from ISU in Dental Laboratory Technology. Coming this August will be our sixth anniversary. We don't have any kids. Just a big 95lb black lab named Clyde Ditka...and Yes Jake named our Dog after Mike Ditka from the Chicago Bears. We recently bought our first home just outside of Boise. I am currently a Medical Billing Clerk (not really related to my degrees but I love it) for nine Physical Therapy offices throughout the states of ID and CO. Jake is currently finishing his BA in Business Management/HR w/a minor in Economics at BSU and works nights as a supervisor for UPS. I'm his sugar Mama until he's done with school. One Year to go.....WooHoo! I would love to hear from you all. Visit Our Blog: ... when viewing keep in mind we don't have any kids so our only source of entertainment is our Dog.

Kacie & Jake C. said...

It's been fun seeing what everyone is doing and where you've all ended up! This is Kacie (Holman) Cartwright. I have been married to Jake (from California) for 5 1/2 years. We both graduated with our B.S. in Business Management. We had fun living in Colorado for a short time, but have since moved to Rigby where we have lived for two years and are enjoying it. Jake works for Geico, and I love staying home with our two boys Cooper and Conner. Our blog is

Scooger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew Rolfson said...

Hey hey hey! It's fun to hear about so many of you! I'm still in Rexburg, slowly chipping away at getting educated (mech. engineering). My wife of three years graduated in April with a B.S. in child development. I've been working at AMET (old j.c. penney building) just a little longer than we've been hitched, builing fancy welding machines. Mission to CT, just did a business trip to Nebraska, and I'll take Idaho. Take care y'all!

Anonymous said...

Holy Flip! Jeff Page here. It's crazy to hear how everyone is and where you all are. I can't wait for the BIG 10. . .Whoohooo! Here's an update on me:

-Served a mission to Fort Worth '01-'03
-Married Corene Rust from Smithfield UT in '04
-Drug her to BYU kickin' and screamin to get a degree in Facilities Management
-Had two kids on "rabbit hill" (for those of you who know the BYU lingo)
-Jacob is almost three and full of energy
-Jameson was born with Downs syndrome and had to have heart surgery last Christmas (made for a crazy few months) and is the BEST baby EVER!
-Moved to Las Vegas to PARTY!!! j/k . . . I got a job here and am loving it . . . except for the heat.

Jeff Page

Dan said...

Wow!! Busy Weekend!! Welcome to Maureen, Brandy, Ashleigh, Mike, Jeff, Todd, Leslie, Kacie, Andrew and Jeff.

Dal & Nat said...

Jeff Bednar
Your mom was here visiting your grandma and I felt really stupid because I knew your mom was from here but never connected your grandma and mom. Anyway had a little visit with her. She told me how excited she is for her new granddaughter. Congrats on that girls are so much fun. Boys are too there is just something different about girls.
Natalie (Brown) Tolman

Becky said...

Hi everyone,
I haven't had time to read all the comments, but it is good to hear from all of you. It's so cool to see what you all are up to. I miss seeing you in the halls at MHS! :)
-We have been married almost 7 years! Wow, it's gone by fast.
-We live in Utah.
-My husband is a computer programmer
-We have 3 sweet Kids
-I'm a stay at home mom
And much much more. If you want to keep in touch, email me at

Becky Packer Jones

my blogspot:

Ryan said...

Ryan Erickson here (even though I have been married for almost five years I decided to keep my last name on account of being a male). Sounds like everyone is doing well.

A little Erickson for you all:

-Returned from my mission to Venezuela in 2003
-Married Starla (from Ririe, not to be confused with Rigby) shortly after
-We have a 3 year old daughter Emma and one on the way (due August 8)
-Both my wife and I graduated from BYUI in December of 2006
-Since graduation I have been working for Flying J Corp as a logistics manager for the restaurant division here in good old Ogden, UT
-For a little more Erickson you can visit our blog (it's really my wife's blog but I get to read it from time to time) at

Anonymous said...

Hey to all bobcats. This is Crystal (Hulse) Hibbert. I married Trent Hibbert from Driggs, ID. We have been married for 4 years and have 3 little girls...Alexis 4, Shantell 2, and Audrey just born in Feb 2008. We we have lived in... OR, CA, ID, WY, AZ only for 3 months, and now are back in Alta, WYOMING. For those who don't know where that is, it is down the mountain from Grand Targhee Ski Hill.
Trent manufactures granite countertops and we are trying to start our own granite business. So if anyone wants granite countertops in their homes let me know at .
I am 2 tests away from getting my bookkeeping degree/license.
hope to see you all at the big 10year.
no blog available

Pals Place said...

This is Shaun Powell. Fun to see all the blogs. I must say, I think we all looked a little better in high school, j/k.

Life since high school:
- 2 years in Bulgaria
- B.S. in Business at BYU-Idaho
- Married a hottie from Logan, Ut
- 2yr old daddy's girl
- 1 month old little sister
- Working for Lithia Motors (Gotta love corporate America)
- Living in Nampa, ID
- Small starter home
- Having fun shooting whistle pigs (Nampa terminology for ground squirrels)
- Run a small sign business
- Life is good

Thanks Dan

Dan said...

Welcome to Kim, Becky, Ryan, Crystal & Shaun.

Hibbert Family said...

This is Crystal (Hulse) Hibbert. I'm new to the blogging thing. I just set up our blog page. You can see our family and pictures at

Thanks Dan for this page

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ashleigh Wood on the hitch'in. If I were in the Burg on August 20th, I would be there.

This is Elijah Watkins. I am in law school right now and working at a firm in Chicago (best city in the world. Rexburg=best town in the world). My wife and I have a beutiful daughter (Ellis) and you can see all the pictures you want at

I served a mission in Tucson, Arizona and am happy as a clam.

Todd said...

Elijah! Awesome little blog there! Great to hear from ya. Last I heard you were abducted by aliens near Area 51. "The aliens abused him...." Independence Day. LOL!
I still remember the expression from my mission president when your letter came and you had PH3 in the return address area. I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. Good to hear from you. Take care.

Dal & Nat said...

Ashleigh congrats to you!!! That is soo exciting. Keep in touch.
Natalie (Brown) Tolman

Dan said...

Hello to Melanie and Elijah!

The Watkins Family said...


which brother is in law school?

Tyler Moore said...

Hey, This is Tyler Moore. I'll give you a little update on my family and I. I served a mission to Veracruz, Mexico. A year after I got home I married Ashley Nelson from Plano (She went to Sugar). We have been married 4 years and have 2 boys. Ryker is 2 years old and Carter is 8 months. They are wonderful. I never thought I would live in Pocatello but we moved here to go to school. We enjoy it for now. I graduated from ISU in Dec 2007 with a BS in nursing and I'm working at the hospital here in Pocatello in Surgery. Ashley has 5 more semesters before she gets her BS in nursing, so we will be here for a little while. Then who knows where we will go. Good to hear from everyone.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Everyone. This is Bart Munns. It's cool to see what everyone is up to. Thanks for putting this together Dan.

Well, been a bit of everywhere for the past 8 years. Lived in Detroit and San Diego and now call the booming metro of Idaho Falls home base. I'm an over the road trucker, and with primary accounts in Jersey, the Carolinas, Texas, and California I usually hit both coasts weekly and then rotate to Idaho where I have a house. With fuel costs being equal to daily mortgage payments I started a business earlier this year, as a backup, changing auto glass and do that more as a hobby than anything else when I'm home.

Home time is also spent with my one year old daughter Zoey. If anyone wants to get in touch it's newvisionglassco@gmail

Ya'll take care. See ya down the road.

Dan said...

Welcome to Camille, Tyler and Bart.

Greg Willard said...

Well this is awesome to see what everyone is up to. As for myself not much to report, being a farmer takes up alot of my time. The rest of my time I started a business selling and servicing gps systems that steer and control farm equiptment. So time restraints have driven a lot of girlfriends away that once wanted to be married. Anyway here is my blog spot.

Dan said...

Welcome Greg.

Heather said...

Hey everyone this is Heather(Ricks)Christensen. I am married to Andrew Christensen from Shelley, we have been married for 7 years and have a 5 year old girl named Brook, a 2 year old boy named Tyler, and a baby boy due in August. We live in Shelley right now but will be moving to Idaho Falls in like three weeks. Can't wait. My husband builds houses and on the side we flip houses together. I stay home with the kids.

Heather said...

Oh ya my email is

john allard said...

Hey everybody, John Allard here, just a breakdown of my life since that strange trip called high school,

I didn’t go on a mission (I think we all saw that one coming). I moved around A LOT-Jackson, Moran, Eugene OR, Portland OR, Tigard OR, Pocatello ect… I attended ISU in Law Enforcement, and then worked as a Sheriffs deputy and City police officer in northern Idaho for a couple of years. I worked in a small community and had some really close calls (with no backup) that made me realize that I like my life too much and so I resigned from that profession. I moved to Portland OR and am now working for the Port of Portland as an “underground laser man” which is a nice way of saying pipe layer.

I have been in a relationship for over 4 years and we have decided to get married this September. She is from Eugene and works in the business card industry. We currently have 0 kids and plan to keep it that way for a while.

It’s great to see everyone on here and all the different paths that we have chosen. If anyone wants to drop me a line, my e-mail is or

chris said...

Hola!! This is Chris (Thayer) Hill and it's so great to hear how everyone is doing. Update on me: Life is good. I'm still in Rexburg and have been married for almost 8 years. We have 2 kids: Devyn is 7 and Kelton is 4. My husband Jake is a construction bum and also works for the MCSO. I have 3 semesters left at BYU-I, (yes they let me in) and cant wait to graduate. I currently work as a photographer. We dont have a blog cuz I'm not that cool...haha. Life is crazy but were just hangin out, waiting on time. Take care everyone!

Thanks Dan. This is a great idea!

Dan said...

Welcome to Heather, John and Chris.

Ha ha said...

This is cool!

Mindi Greene Blackburn said...

Hello Class! I can’t believe reading this blog makes me so emotional! I guess that’s what having kids does to you. It’s been too long since I’ve seen some of you. Thanks for starting the blog, It’s going to help ease the stress of our 10 year! (You all know its dreaded.) But also very EXCITING!

A little about me…
I have been married for 6 years, this weekend, to Jordan Blackburn (from Rigby). We have a little girl, Mataya who will turn 5, this weekend. We lived in Pocatello for 2 ½ yrs and just bought our 1st Home in November here in Ammon. (Don’t fool yourselves, those of you who are in Pocatello. But convincing yourselves you like it does help the time pass quicker.) Jordan is a Security Police Officer at the INL and I am an Office Manager at Help-U-Sell (Real Estate) and also a Nail Technician in my spare time. We love living close to our families and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

No to fizzle the Happy News, I feel it is important to share this information.
For those of you who don’t know, One of my best friends, and friends to many of you, Brandi Hill Delgado was killed in a car accident along with her little girl Jordyn (8 yrs) in December. Her family was in a car accident while traveling to Mexico. Her husband Jaime Delgado and baby boy Jaime (about 8 mo) survived the crash and are now living in Mexico.

It is hard loosing someone so close but it has made me value the friends and family I have now more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Brandi Hill may begone, but all those who knew her she will live on in our memories! WE WILL MISS YOU BRANDI!!!

Dan said...

Welcome Mindi.

Anna said...

Hi, this is Anna Durfee, or as I was once known as, Anna Alford. Becca Munson (Passey) was in town (Rexburg) visiting a bit ago and told me about this blog. So cool! I have yet to make my own blog, but I'm sure going to get on it! A little about what my life is about:
I married Arik Durfee (he graduated from MHS in 1999) on May 20, 2003. I graduated from BYU-I with a B.S in English Education in April 2005. I taught for a year in both Idaho and Nevada (long story there) and had my first baby, Rachel Ann, on August 8, 2006. Arik graduated from BYU-I in April of 2006, also with a degree in English Education, but also with a minor in Spanish Education. He now teaches in I.F at Clarie E. Gale Junior High teaching 8th grade English. I'm a stay-at-home mom and we are currently expecting our second baby in December! I find out what we're having at the end of this month. We're still living in Rexburg, although we sorjourned for a while in Las Vegas, NV. We manage some guy's apartments and are enjoying life. Like I said, I'll get a blog going and give some updates and pics as soon as possible. Thanks Dan for putting this all together! I loved visiting everyone's blogs and reading about all of everyone's adventures in the world abroad.

Anna said...

Told you I'd get on starting a blog. Here is the address

Jace, Jessica and Embree said...

hey this is Jace Thompson, I am not really good at these things but my wife is helping me to figure it out. I have been married for 5 years and we have a little 2 1/2 year old girl named Embree that keeps us busy and we bought a home in St. Anthony so that is were we reside. We have a blog it is

Dan said...

Welcome to Anna and Jace.

Cheri C said...

Well Hello Again... Cheri Chiddix here, just thought that I'd say hello again. Its so fun to read all about you all! SO GOOD NEWS!! Just got engaged over the 4th of July weekend. Great guy from Twin Falls, ID. Reggie is currently living in Seattle in Queen Anne, which is where Ill be heading at the end of the month. Im going to be working at an Accounting Firm. I loved living in Seattle before so it will be great to move back. IM VERY EXCITED!!! I'll be sure to drag Reg back with me to Rexburg for the big 10 yr reunion, so he can meet all of you!

Ashleigh Wood said...

CHERI!!! Congrats to you!! I am super jazzed for you and look forward to meeting Reg at the 10 year! WAY TO GO!! Do you know when you're getting hitched? Our wedding will be August 20, in Rexburg...holy moly who ever knew there was SO MUCH planning to do??!! Best of luck and keep m eposted!!!

Becky said...

I won't be able to make it up for your reception. But, I would love to see your announcement & know where to send a gift. Good luck! There is a lot of planning. But, it is definitely worth it. :) Email me your info, and I will email you mine.

Becky Packer Jones

Andrew Rolfson said...

For your information:
Anthon Davenport was re-roofing a house in town, pushed a sheet of plywood off the roof, a nail in the plywood snagged his glove and pulled him over the side, he landed on the edge of a rental dumpster and fell in. Crawled out with a broken rib and decimated spleen. After a spleenectomy he is doing well and recovering in Madison Memorial. Prayers would be appreciated to speed along a smooth recovery. Thanks a ton!

Ryan Smith said...

Hey all,

Good idea to put this together. Its great to read about where you all have ended up and what your doing.
An update for me:
2001-2003 served mission in Finland
2005 married Heather Matthews
2006 graduated from BYU-ID with BS psychology
2006 entered Medical School at ATSU
2006 had our little daughter Emilia
We are currently in Cleveland, OH finishing up med school.
please e-mail at

Ashleigh Wood said...

Andrew, thanks for the post on Anthon. I'm grateful to know he is ok. I think everyone should know that Kristen Gummow ROCKED IT UP at the Spudman Triatholon in Burley Idaho this weekend. WAY TO GO KRISTEN!!!!

Dan said...

Welcome to Ryan. Anthon, get feeling better!

Skye said...

Hi everyone! I'm a little slow at this...but here's an update.
-Served a mish in Charlotte, NC
-Graduated from BYU in Human Development
-working as a legal assistant
-I'm getting married to Cody Beckley (he was in the grade below us...crazy, huh) on October 18th
-The blog (which is new and under construction)

Ty and Meg said...

This is Tyler Webster. Good to hear from everyone. Wow how fast time goes by. For those interested, check out our blog at

Dan said...

Welcome to Skye and Tyler.

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Travis Smith said...

Hey guys!

Travis here, super idea.

I spent 6 years working up in Washington State as an automation engineer at the Hanford DoE site.

I recently moved back to the area and I'm working in Project Controls (cost engineering, construction scheduling) at the INL DoE Site.

I'm also going to school right now, getting my degree online full time, and spending what free time I can scrounge up in the gym.

I'm happily single(ish) and I have 3 fish I don't like. I don't have a blog but you can check out my myspace!? I rarely use it, though.

Dan said...

Welcome Travis.

Ex said...

Hi all,

I put together a more inter-active forum where we can all post pictures, movies, etc.

This is more secure and will keep others from pilfering your information. Its very basic right now, but if it gets popular i will snazz it up.

You have to register and login before you can post, its part of the security.

Tyler Steiner

-sorry for not having a sweet domain name, i'm out of $$ :)
Dan, if this is an issue, call me.

Dan said...

not a prob ty. I was hoping to head that way. life has just been super crazy!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... where are my buddies at the end of the alphabet??? josh startin and jamie virgin?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... where are my buddies at the end of the alphabet??? josh startin and jamie virgin?

Mariann said...

I finally got me a blog started so you'll have to check it out.
Mariann Erickson Martin

The Durfees said...

Hey Dan,
My blog address has changed to

Stravenlite said...

Hey All,
This is Trishelle Erickson.
-Went on a mission to New Jersey 2006-2008.
-Will graduate this December from BYUI.
-Working on a series of novels with my mom (some things never change):).
-My blog is:

Anonymous said...

This is Molly Spaulding Badger officially jumping on the bobcat bandwagon. I'm down in Provo with my husband (2 years married- a short amount of time compared to most of you), and daughter Reese(almost 14 months and the cutest little thing ever. . .just like the rest of yours. :) I work as a chef up the canyon, and Ryans finishing up his history degree at BYU. Life is sweet!

Anonymous said...

Molly again, I forgot to leave our blog:

Anonymous said...

Here is my blog, I wish I had more time to put into it.

The Mendenhall's said...

Well hey every body.
This is Mike Mendenhall let me fill you in on what been goin on in my life.
-Married to Shalee Rudd (MHS class of 2002)
-Went to BYU-I Degree in Business
-Working as Purchasing Agent
-Have two kids, Boy 2yrs old, Girl 3 Months old
-Gained a little weight and height since high school. Graduated high school 5'8 130 pd and now am 6'0 225 pd which none of that is muscle.

Wife has blog.

Dan said...

Wow, I've been slacking a lot! Welcome to Trishelle, Molly, Mindi and Mike.

Kate and Cole said...

Well it took me a while to get going on this whole blogging thing! But I think I've got the swing of things. I Live in Idaho Falls and have three kids. They are so fun. I hope everyone is doing well! looking forward to our 10 year reunion! Check out our blog at
see ya!
Kate Hill Clinger

Dan said...

Welcome Kate!

The Oakeys said...

Hey Everyone, It looks like I'm a little behind everyone as usual, but I've made it. That was a lot of fun reading updates on everyone, so I will include mine:

02-04 Mission: Donetsk, Ukraine
05 Married Lacie Peck
05-Now: Been madly in love
06 Graduated BYU-I English/Business
Kylie Afton Oakey entered the world
09 Starting Law School (currently deciding where)

Our blog is

I have been working as a sales manager for APXAlarm/Pinnacle, done some freelance writing, own a couple rental properties, and run a small business.

Thanks Dan, and I promise I will use this page for all my google searching to raise money; You're the man!

John Gibson said...

I just started a new blog. I am starting my own little sports performance and fitness company. Check out the blog. I will have a better one up in the very near future.

John Gibson said...

I forgot to leave the site. It is

Valerie said...

I should have done this a long time ago but my blog is so add me to the list pleeze!!

ahmed said...
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