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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unleashing Potential

For the majority of the class of 2000 this is the year we hit that decadent marker - the thirties. To most that means a rite of passage into......adulthood? professionalism? being old? At any rate, it sets us reflecting on what in the world we have done with the first third of our life.

Recently, and partially set in course by Jill's brilliant post from the past, I have been musing about what exactly the last 12 years has done to our particular group of 'adults' cast in this world. What has become of us? I haven't yet seen Elaine as the President, but I am certain she has reached some potential of a person that I had never guessed possible. What has become of the big dreams and the iron clad plans? How many have we followed through with? How many have we 'grown out of'?

What's really cool about all these musings is actually having a peek and what potential has actually been reached. You'll see me lurking, and I generally try to leave comments so you know I am not trying to destroy you covertly, through the links on this web page. In all truth - I am shocked and amazed at who you all have become!! Downright shocked!! And delightfully so.

Among our ranks there are multiple advanced educational degrees. There have been some radical changes in some and some fantastic evolutions in others. Tons of the hidden gems of our class have now come to the sparkling for-front with those talents that may have made you odd in the old days. Heaven knows I have just began to search into the accomplishments of a class of 343.

In short - CONGRATULATIONS! and WELL DONE! turning 30 hasn't looked so bad on most of us. Can't wait to see what another decade will do to us all!

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Natalie said...

Dan, not sure how many of us still read this blog, but Derek Walker's little girl just died of cancer. Here is a link to her obituary. I don't know if you want to post it on here or not.