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Monday, March 19, 2012

2015 From Mrs. McRae's Classroom

I put this up on my personal blog ( But i thought it may interest those of you who went to MMS. I recently found a portfolio I put together for Mrs. McRae's Language Arts class (7th grade). I had to write about my life then and my predictions for life 20 year later. It hasn't quite been 20 years, but it is safe to say that most of my predictions have failed to materialize.

Disclaimer: I did not edit my 7th grade spelling and grammar, so don't judge me. Also, I'm aware that April 31, 2015 will probably never come,  but apparently there was an aberration in the calendar in 1995. ;-)

I'm pretty sure I still got an A.

Enjoy. If anyone else comes across their future predictions let me know and we'll post it here!

   Hello! Today is April 31, 1995. If you've read some of this book than you're probably have some questions about me. Well I'll try my best to answer the questions you might have in case I'm not there when you ask them. 
   Well my name is Jill Walker in case you haven't noticed. I'm 13 years old. I was born REDACTED. Right now I want to be a lawyer, but I love where I live now. 
   A typical day goes something like the following. In the morning I get up about 7:00 My family has prayer and we read scriptures. Then I either have a shower or go get ready. After that i spend most of the rest of my time getting ready for school. My bus comes about 8:30 and I go to school. I'm in the seventh grade, but I still go to the middle school. I go to math with McRae - Science with Rass (Mr. Rassmussen) - Social Studies with Mitchell - Lunch - then I go to L.A. with McRae - P.E. or Exploratory - Chorus with Turnblom - and L.A. again.
I am on the track team, I was on the Volleyball Team, I tried out for the Basketball team but I got cut. I like to run but I'm not that fast. In the back of my book are some poems about sports that I think are great. Also there are some pictures up to this time in my life. My favorite poem is "The Big Game".
   Right now I'm in the Mormon Church. I'm a Beehive, I'm the second counselor in the presidency. The prophet is Gordan B. Hinckley. I wish that all my posterity will be members of the Church Latter-Day Saints.

   Today is April 31, 2015 I'm 33 I have become almost everything I wanted to be I am a certified lawyer but I do play for the new NBW (National Basketball for Women). I'm the starting forward with Ashleigh Wood as are point guard. 
   I married a middle class football coach named Matthew Trulls. He has since been offered positions at Notre Dame, BYU, and the new college called Graham Being College for the exceptionally special. He accepted the GBC offer it is a college for anyone that doesn't get accepted to other colleges. It brings out the best in people we enjoy living in Orderville, Utah. Even if it is the second biggest city in the world it's a nice place to live everyone is really nice. 
   Last year we elected a new president Elaine Lovell. She's the youngest and the first girl president in our country. A few years ago we didn't have a president everyone was slow than someone came along and turned our country around. Her name is Rebekah Bodily she put crime rate down 99% but unfortunately that 1% killed her she was murdered on Jan. 1 while celebrating a new year. But the change was already and we were a whole new country it was great. 
   I have 6 kids Trinity, Kevin, Kylee, Chad, Drew Chris. Two sets of triplets 3 look-alike girls and three look-alike boys. Sometimes it's confusing but I do it Okay. My parents are still alive. Their great grandparents, the kids love them. My kids are 14,12,14,12,14,12 in order of their names the girls are older but there all best friends. We had another ww it was WWIII. It was awful but we survived I love my life here. 


Nancy said...

what a busy life that would have been - or still could be - with two sets of triplets (with the girls born at your young age of 16), a career as a lawyer and a national basketball star! But hey, if Elaine and Rebekkah have already gotten to be President of the fast failing US at the age of 33 anything is possible! And how did Orderville get so dang big?

Loved it, thanks for sharing. I hope to get through a lot of old journals this year's resolutions.

The Sullengers said...

I went through my stuff a year or so ago when my mom was trying to clean a house and I found an English paper I wrote that I had written to Kash (he didn't know of course) about how much I loved him. And looky here - we got married :)

tyler, terrah and miles said...

This post is awesome! I laughed when I read about your 2 sets of triplets. We have 2 sets of 3-year-old triplets in our ward, and I can only imagine what it would be like to raise all 6 of them!

Thanks for sharing this, Jill!